We are part of the United Church of Christ, with an inclusive tradition, an independent streak, and a love for children and youth. Here you can connect with people, explore spiritual issues, serve the community, and make a difference.  

Vision Statement--WHO WE ARE

We are moved by the grace of God to walk together on life’s journey, caring deeply for one another.

We offer stirring, thought-provoking worship in an atmosphere of diversity, spontaneity and gratitude.

We are enriched by music and the arts.

We work to become active instruments of mercy and justice in the world.

We are unafraid of change, challenge and controversy.

We cherish our children, and we know them each by name.

We are creative, resourceful and open-minded. We honor the beauty and integrity of God’s creation.

We have fun.

OUR VISION (We feel God is calling our congregation in these new directions)

We aspire to a Christian faith that is authentic, adventurous and inclusive of all.

We envision a path of spiritual formation illuminated by faith, knowledge and practice.

We are called in these difficult and uncertain times to be people of peace and dauntless hope, relying on the spirit of Jesus in our midst.

We seek connection with others who are looking for a spiritual home. We reach out to doubters, explorers and people in crisis, respecting those of other faiths or no faith.

We are committed to love.



The Orinda Community Church, United Church of Christ, was established as a community church, inviting all who seek to know the God of Jesus Christ to join our faith journey.  Trusting in the power of God's reconciling love, we renew our founding mission, affirming each individual as a child of God.  We open our family of faith to persons of every ability, age, ethnicity, family or economic status, gender, immigrant status, sexual orientation, spiritual or cultural origin, or any other visible or invisible difference.  In the spirit of Jesus, we joyfully welcome all to full participation in the life of our church.

United Church of Christ--UCC

Orinda Community Church is a member of United Church of Christ---UCC.

UCC is the coming together of many rich and diverse denominational traditions including the Congregational Churches founded in Plymouth in 1620, the Puritans, the Reformed Churches, Christian Churches and Evangelical Churches. UCC has also been very active in supporting new and emerging Congregations, many of which have started with ethnic roots. The UCC motto, That they all may be one (John 17:21), expresses the commonality of our Christian faith, yet recognizes and accepts the differences in the details of our worship.